Formular-A Co., Ltd.

Has been established since 2003. We are the agrochemical importer and manufacturer.  Our business is about crop protection products, Insecticide, Herbicide and household chemicals.  Regarding the marketability, it is operated by our strong sales team members, who individually are at least with 10-year-up experiences. We deliver our products from factory to our customer throughout the country. Our expertise and diversity marked Formular-A with a great reputation and reliability and adherence to enhance values for customers.



Being Innovative – By thinking out-of-box and highlight on creating a new product to deliver cost-effective to our customer.



Always Adaptive – At Formular-A, we are sensitive to adapt in any dynamic and aggressive market environment to respond the demand of customer.



Trustworthy – By creating a trust relationship between Formular-A and our suppliers enhance us to expand market while delivering the reliable products.



Formular-A yearns for accomplish our goals, in quest to deliver compulsory value scheme to our customer


The company aims to be a leader in delivering quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations.


effective products that are satisfied customer demand or exceed and buy plant protection products all around the world.


To expand products offering to be the choice provider in the local market and provide a secure and confidential distribution service.


Attempting to deliver cost-effective products with high quality.


To be competitive though effective market positioning and have adorable packaging.


Using an effective marketing tools and strategies to become leader in market


Training the employee to enhance their capability to work in competitive market


Creating the framework and strategies that conform to philosophy and enable implement smoothly